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Information on the ESP Disc
Like the M6 Disc, the ESP Disc is considered a “3rd Generation” implant. It can move in 6 directions, shock absorb, and has a controlled motion to help protect the facet joints and make it more suitable for multi-level use. The ESP disc is more rigid which is an advantage especially for multi-level applications. The tools for implantation have been improved and allow and implant insertion with significant less force. For the time being we offer both implant types M6 and ESP – the ESP is the preferred implant now.

Our focus is on offering the very best state of the art disc replacement surgery and medical facilities with the very best state of the art medical technology in implants. Patients that come to us have either exhausted their search to avoid lumbar spinal fusion or cervical spinal fusion or are seeking an alternative to fusion that allows full mobility and spinal recovery via artificial disc replacement with the best technology in disc replacement. Our surgeon has done thousands of these surgeries years before they are even looked into being offered in the United States and Canada. As of now our replacements are the most superior on the market. Our surgeons have had ZERO failures and amazing results!

Learn more & watch VIDEOS about the M6 Motion Preservation ADR & it’s construction.

Why we can offer these procedures:

In Germany we are able to offer such advanced procedures long before other countries because Germany is one of the top medically advanced countries in the world. The best procedures are often offered in Germany and perfected in Germany long before they are even sought after in other countries. Our procedures have been offered here and performed on thousands before we offer them overseas to patients that may not live to see the technology if they were to wait for it to become available in the United States or Canada for many more years to come. Our stand on the advancements in technology is that after we have tested and realized impeccable success, we now put this success in technology out to the rest of the world to come to us for the same incredible procedures and results in degenerative disc disease and disc herniation treatment.

The M6 ADR Solution

M6 Artificial Disc Replacement Solution is available for Cervical & Lumbar Disc Replacement


Facet Joint Replacement – Click to learn more

Brand New State of the Art Technology for Facet Joint Replacement of the spine!

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