NO COST, NO OBLIGATION analysis of your recent MRI and X-rays.

Spine Pain Solutions:

When you are in pain, when you are suffering, life becomes more difficult on a daily basis. Temporary relief with Rx may help? Injections may help? Minimally evasive procedures may help. All of these are only temporary fixes, and the depression from being in pain and taking pain medication continues to tax the mind and body.

If you do not want a fusion and have been trying at all cost to avoid one, you have been doing the right thing.

Fusion is the last resort as it should be. Once fused there is no going in any other direction. Once fused, there is compounded added stress on levels of the spine above and below the fusion. This will likely develop into more pain, more degeneration and most likely additional fusions at multiple levels leaving the patient with no movement relating to all levels of the spine involved.

You don’t have to have a Fusion:

ADR surgery (Artificial Disk Replacement) has been using the latest medical advancements in Germany for years with outstanding success to Europeans, Canadians and Americans as well as Nationalities all over the world. Now that the word is out people from countries everywhere are coming to Germany to find relief from Degenerative Disk Disease, Herniations, and Failed Back Surgery procedures.

Second Opinion – NO COST, NO OBLIGATION analysis of your recent MRI (within 6 months or less for accurate results) and X-rays taken standing preferably. If you already have the films. All you need to do is make a copy on a CD, fill out our On-Line or Downloadable pdf (click here) and send us the pertinent information. One of our Team of professionals will be in touch with you, and once we receive your MRI’s we will have a second opinion analysis for you usually within a week or less!

What is even more amazing…

Our patients feel better in days than they have felt in months or years.
Within 3 months cervical patients are back to snowboarding, biking, running, skydiving. Within 6 months lumbar patients are back to walking 4 miles without pain, playing golf, and most importantly, enjoying life without pain or a fusion.

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U.S. Team Liaison
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Canada Team Liaison
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
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International Patient Director
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