Meet Our Experienced Neurosurgeons & Spine Surgeons.

Meet Our Neurosurgeons & Sr. Spine Surgeons

Dr. Thomas Bierstedt – Neurosurgeon & Sr. Spine Surgeon

The “My Spine Solution” Team has arranged state of the art spinal surgeries in Germany in excess of 1000 cases from the USA, Canada and other countries. We have specifically selected Dr. Thomas Bierstedt as our German spine surgeon because of his vast scope of experience. His precision to detail and neurology during spine surgery is the utmost of importance to us in selecting him as your spine surgeon. Dr. Bierstedt is among the World leading surgeons for cervical and lumbar retaining interventions with ADR surgery (Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery).

Surgery is principally performed under a high performance microscope in order to ensure the total removal of disc fragments and osteophytes for a complete decompression of the spinal canal and foramen. Implants are inserted under fluoroscope to achieve optimal placement. Implant placement and implant sizes are critical factors for an optimal outcome. These are Dr. Bierstedts principles in state-of-the-art neurosurgery.

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Lumbar Spine Surgery:

Dr. Bierstedt works with the state-of-the-art M6 – Lumbar Spine Surgery Implant (by Spinal Kinetics) which are used in the Lumbar Levels L3 thru S1. He is one of the few in the world that does lumbar spine surgery replacing the disks at higher Lumbar Levels L1 thru L3, which requires a Lateral Surgical Access (Nuvasive).

Cervical Spine Surgery:

Dr. Bierstedt uses the M6 – Cervical Spine Surgery Implant (by Spinal Kinetics) if applicable, or the Mobi-C (used for smaller cervical anatomy dimensions).

Dr. Bierstedt will only do 2 surgeries per day, 3 if it is an emergency. This is another reason the GSS team selected him as your surgeon. Dr. Bierstedt allows enough time and consideration to precision on each patient and will not rush through any procedure.

Dr. Bierstedt’s Credentials:

Hr. Dr. Thomas Bierstedt studied medicine from 1991 to 1998 at the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster and received the license to practise medicine in May, 1999. His doctorate to the MD was achieved in October, 1999. He began his neurosurgical education in the Knappschaft hospital under Mr. Prof. H. Kretschemer and continued this from the middle of 1999 in Bodelschwinghschen hospital of Bielefeld with Mr. Prof. F.Oppel. Here Dr. Bierstedt worked untill September, 2004 as a resident.

He graduated as neurosurgeon in 2005 in Bielefeld.

From December, 2005 to March, 2008 Dr. Bierstedt worked as a senior physician for neurosurgery and leading senior physician for spinal surgery in the Knappschaft hospital of Recklinghausen under Mr. PD Dr . M.J.A. Puchner.

From 2005 to 2008 Dr. Bierstedt in the Knappschaft hospital of Recklinghausen established a national center for spinal surgery with a special main focus of mobility retaining interventions (artificial disk replacement) as well as spinal trauma.

From 2008 to 2010 the additional education manual therapy and chiropractic.
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Dr. Thomas Bierstedt’s Main Focuses:
  • Since 2004 certified surgeon for ” non-coalescence spine surgery ” (VALAIS – Abbott-USA/FRANCE)
  • Since 2006 authoritative surgeon for the cervical (cervical vertebra column) M6-intervertebral disc prosthesis (spinal kinetics – the USA)
  • From 2006-2008 competence surgeons for the ProDisc L (lumbar vertebra column) – intervertebral disc prosthesis (Synthes – Switzerland / Germany); regularly adviser within the scope of the European ProDisc user’s meetings
  • In 2006 the first application of the minimally invasive Pathfinder system of spinal stabilizations in Germany (Abbott USA)
  • Since 2006 one of two instructors for the Spineoplasty of a minimally invasive method of treatment of whirl body breaks (Fribourg / Switzerland)
  • Since 2007 one of 10 advisers for the special pain therapy with Neuro-stimulators with chronic pain syndromes of the backbone
  • Since 2008 authoritative surgeon for the MobiDisc (lumbar vertebra column) and MobiC (cervical vertebra column) intervertebral disc prosthesis (LDR/FRANCE)
  • Reference Surgeon for the Pedicle screw system GS MonoPoly and Conclusion (Signus/Germany)
  • Instructor and adviser for orchestrated Vertebrae Pillars surgery (Pedicle screws) with management of regular hand-on workshops (university hospital of Hamburg village Eppen)
  • Since 2009 authoritative surgeon for the nucleus substitute DASCOR system (Disc Dynamics/USA) with the number biggest worldwide nowadays in DASCOR operations
  • In 2009 the first ISG-Distraction Spondylodesis in Europe (SI Diana-System)
  • In 2009/2010 study center for the M6L prosthesis (lumbar vertebra column, spinal the kinetics/USA)
  • In 2010 certification for XL-TDR via minimally invasive XLIF access (lateral intervertebral disc prosthesis) well-chosen talks, symposia, Workshops and congresses
  • Nonfusion Surgery training Certificate (Bordeaux / France)
  • Certificate OptiMesh ” Train the Trainer ” (Minneapolis Oklahoma City / the USA)
  • 09/2006 advisers and Instructor 6 Op course backbone: Endoscopic and minimally invasive technologies (Münster IGOST)
  • Adviser ” Minimally invasive coalescence and Non coalescence procedures ” (Berlin DGOOC)
  • Adviser ” experiences in cervical and lumbar Prosthetics ” (ProDisc user meeting Graz)
  • Adviser ” specific features and hybrid care ” 2-nd VALAIS user’s meeting (Marl)
  • Adviser ” Minimally invasive procedures of treatment with whirl body fractures ” (BioMed Leipzig)
  • Adviser experiences in the mono and multi segmental care of degenerative illnesses of the cervical vertebra column (Berlin DGOOC)
  • Adviser ” indication and borders lumbar Inter-vertebral Prosthetics ” (Soest)
  • Adviser and organizer ” therapy by means of SCS with chronically neuropathic pain ” within the scope of the IMPACT – meetings (Improving the management of patients through continued medical training (Recklinghausen)
  • Adviser ” experiences with the M6-intervertebral disc prosthesis ” (Mannheim)
  • 01/2008 advisers ” Outcome within the scope of lumbar Inter-vertebral Prosthetics (ProDisc user meeting Potsdam)
  • In 2009 management hand-on workshops for Pedicle screws (Hamburg)
  • annual participant of the world congress for Inter-vertebral Prosthetics (Spine Arthroplasty Society – SAS)
  • annual participant of the European spinal congress (Eurospine)
  • annual participant of the German spinal congress of the professional societies for orthopedics, casualty surgery and neurosurgery
  • In 2010 XL-TDR workshop San Diego / the USA

Dr. Bernd Illerhaus – Specialist for Neurosurgery, Spinal Surgery

Dr. Bernd Illerhaus studied Medicine from 1993 to 1999 at the Ruhr University of Bochum and received the Permission License to Practice Medicine in October, 1999. The Doctorate to MD occurred in June, 2001.

He went through his Neuro-Surgical Education in the Neurosurgeon’s University Hospital OR Clinic of Bochum, under Prof. Dr. A. Harders. After more Specialists’ Studies in December, 2005 he continued to work there as a Specialist for Neurosurgery till April, 2007.

Dr. Bernd Illerhaus is a specialist in neurosurgery and an expert for the conservative and surgical treatment of degenerative and traumatic spinal disorders.

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The special interests and activities focus on minimally invasive treatment of degenerative diseases of the spine, and motion-preserving surgical treatment of cervical and lumbar spine. Here are all operative techniques over all available access paths offered by Dr. Illerhaus. All operative procedures (with the exception of childhood scoliosis) are carried out by him.

Dr. Illerhaus performs some 400 spine interventions annually of varying difficulty. Special emphasis is on the one hand endoscopic spine surgery, on the other hand, motion-preserving surgery (disc replacement).He performs surgeries on patients from all over Germany as well on an increasing number of international patients, especially North-American. Dr. Illerhaus is reference surgeon, consultant and co-developer of different implants and instruments for companies eg Spine Art / Sanofi Aventis and Tessy and Spinal Kinetics. He trains and shares his experience and knowledge with other specialists by offer ing hand-on operation courses and workshops. He also appears regularly as a speaker for various surgical techniques at national and international symposia and congresses.

Dr. Illerhaus was Chief Medical Officer and Deputy Director of the Interdisciplinary Clinic Spine Center of the Municipal Hospital Dortmund before he joined the ONZ in 2010. From mid-2007 to 2010, Dr. Illerhaus worked as head physician of the Neurosurgical Clinic of the Municipal Hospital Dortmund.

His neurosurgical training was in Neurosurgical University Clinic Bochum Langendreer. After the specialist examination in late 2005 to 2007, he worked here as a specialist in neurosurgery. His Doctorate in medicine he received mid-2001.

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