Lumbar Spine Surgery Intervention

Lumbar Spine Surgery Intervention:

What is a herniated lumbar disc?

A herniated lumbar disc is a disc that has lost it’s hydration. This loss of hydration can result in reduction in height of that disc – this disc is your bodies shock absorber, without hydration the disc dries up and loses shock absorbtion. Once the intervertebral space where the nerves exit the spinal column is reduced, causing an impingment and pressure upon those nerves. When this happens nerves associated with parts of the body related to these nerves cause irritation, pain, and reduced stimulus to that part of your body, including muscle tone lose. Not to metion further stress of adjacent discs.

Once you, your family or your doctor have made the decision that something must be done. Either because you are tired of suffering in pain and depression, or because you are done living on pain medication, continuing to up the dosage, and reducing more and more of your what used to be normal activities. Or you have been told you need surgery and you don’t want a temporary fix or a fusion.

Multiple options are available based on the Lumbar case. Only the best surgical options are applied based on our doctors strong but conservative recommendations. Our spine solutions are long-term spine solutions which should prove long-lasting! You will be amazed at how much you can do just days after surgery!

Multiple options are available based on the Lumbar Level addressed. Only the best surgical options are applied. Up to 3 Lumbar levels can be done at one surgery.

Lumbar Disc Implants Used:

M6 Lumbar Disc

If you have already been diagnosed, have your MRI’s and X-rays, and would like to explore what our procedures could offer you – Click the link below for feedback.

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