Facet Joint Intervention

Facet Arthropathy Surgical Solution to Spine Pain:

each side of your spinal column at each specific vertebra. Most people have 24 vertebra in their spine. Each vertebra has 2 facet joints, one on each side. These joints are what articulates in order for motion to be achieved at each vertebra and allows for gliding motion to occur. When arthritis interferes with these joints, that motion is hampered and pain, lack of flexion and further deterioration is the result.

The Latest Technology in Facet Joint Replacement

This is the very first of these non-fusion motion preservation products intended to replicate the anatomic and bio-mechanical attributes of the natural movement of the facet joints of the spine vs. fusion.

You will note that the spiny part of the vertebra is removed for placement of the artificial joint mobility stabilization device. This is common in surgeries of this type, however in our procedure with this brand new state of the art device, the motion is retained and the joint stabilized so as to prevent further disc deterioration at adjacent levels of the spine. In the center you will notice the shock absorbing part of the prosthetic device.

Those suffering from debilitating chronic pain due to arthritis of injury of the facet joints of the spine may regain movement and functionality with our latest technology available in Germany.

Advantages to facet joint surgical intervention:

  • Translational planes maintained.
  • Shock absorption of the spine maintained.
  • Motion of the spine maintained.
  • Protection of the spinal cord maintained.

Effectively provides for the best possible option for facet joint replacement as well as structural stability and protection of the spinal cord for most patients

Other Technology for Spine Surgery:

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