Various conditions could be related to or a result of degenerative disc disease.

Have you been diagnosed with chronic neck pain, lumbar pain, or back pain?

All of these conditions could be related to or a result of degenerative disc disease. Sometimes degeneration of a disc or multiple discs is genetic. Often degeneration is a result of repercussions from an accident or repetitive motions over an extended duration to time. Regardless, this can become a daily agonizing struggle for even the most normal activities.

Once degeneration begins, enjoyable activities now result in pain. Pain leads to depression, sadness, anger, hopelessness, extensive medications. This may all result in more comprehensive feelings that nobody understands how you feel or what you are going through. “You look okay to me, stop complaining.”

Many options available are only temporary fixes. Laminectomy’s or discectomies may relieve pain and suffering for a year, maybe two. Afterward such surgeries are then termed “Failed Spine Surgery Syndrome”.

We offer lasting results and can often fix “Failed Spine Surgery Syndrome”. Preferably we would rather do it right the first time and not have you return to pain.

If you are among those seeking the most state of the art advancements in spine surgery solutions (not temporary fixes), we offer solutions of the highest precision based on case-by-case analysis.

FREE 2nd Opinions for those Suffering with Back Pain:

If you or someone you know suffers with spinal stenosis, herniated discs, lumbar pain, cervical pain, we offer a second opinion for a FREE evaluation of your spine condition.

Thousands of patients have come to us for the most state of the art spine surgery solutions. If you suffer with severe pain, tingling, numbness, and have been diagnosed with disc disease or disc herniations and seek options to avoid fusion and further suffering, we can help.

If you have tried conservative options and still suffer and now are researching neck or back surgery “My Spine Solution” offers state-of-the-art surgical spine procedures others are unable to offer.

Don’t waste even one more minute in pain!

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