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Kelli Meier

U.S. Team Liaison
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Phone: [USA] 720-987-7732

Ken Hiebert

Canada Team Liaison
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Phone: [Canada] 1-204-346-9000
[USA] 1-701-330-2310

Malte Petersen

International Patient Director
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany
Phone: [Germany] 011-49-171-30000 88

Spine Evaluation – What To Do First:

Upon receipt of your on-line information the appropriate Team Member will contact you and assist you in answering questions you may have regarding the decision for ADR surgery. The following is a list of things you will need in order for our Team to make an accurate assessment of your spine and the best treatment plan.

  • Get a current MRI
  • X-rays: A-P, Lateral, Extension, Flexion (6 mo. or more recent, taken standing if possible).
  • Download Patient Form PDF (Click Here)
  • Contact a Team Liaison if you prefer or need help with the form.
  • Get your passport process started if you don’t already have one.
  • Determine your financial strategy.


To check on FLIGHTS:

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ONZ – My Spine Solution
Att Dr. Bierstedt / Dr. Illerhaus / Malte Petersen
Heibeckstr. 30
Datteln, Germany

NOTE: We will not pay to get your items out of customs! It is HIGHLY Recommended NOT to send via USPS or any other slow delivery service! Declare only $1.00 as value of your package so it will clear customs and arrive at our door.~ Kindly Thank you, we look forward to helping you with our case.