Upcoming Spine Pain Intervention Consults with our Surgeon & Team

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Our seminars provide an opportunity to meet with our German Surgeon personally and to review your personal Spine Solution with your MRI & X-rays. Scheduled time slots of up to 30 minutes are available on first contact.

To schedule an appointment at one of our up coming seminars contact My Spine Solution Liaison:

Ken Hiebert
Phone: [Canada] 1-204-346-9000
[USA] 1-701-330-2310
Email: ken@mySpineSolution.com

Kelli Meier

U.S. Team Liaison
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Phone: [USA] 720-987-7732
Email: kelli@mySpineSolution.com

Ken Hiebert

Canada Team Liaison
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Phone: [Canada] 1-204-346-9000
[USA] 1-701-330-2310
Email: ken@mySpineSolution.com

Malte Petersen

International Patient Director
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany
Phone: [Germany] 011-49-171-30000 88
Email: m.petersen@mySpineSolution.com