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Suffering from upper or lower back pain?
Spinal Stenosis?
Degenerative Disc Disease?

spinal stenosis, back painUpper back pain, lower back pain, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease unfortunately can all be related to each other. They all result from compressions of nerves of the spine. Spinal stenosis is compression of those nerves where they exit the spine. Degenerative discs lose hydration and the normal height which now causes nerve compression. Upper back pain or lower back pain result.

Repercussions from an accident may also cause a herniation and spinal stenosis. Regardless if you are having upper or lower back pain, it can be a daily agonizing struggle.

Once enjoyable activities now reflect pain. Depression, sadness, anger, hopelessness, increasing pain medications, may all result in more comprehensive feelings that nobody understands. There are various options available out there, however for those seeking the most state of the art advancements in long-lasting success with regard to spine surgery solutions, we here in Germany have been working with these amazing advancements in surgical intervention of spine pain treatment for years. Years before and thousands of successful patients before such procedures will be available in the USA or Canada as well as other countries.

Artificial disk replacement for the spine and facet joint replacement are at the forefront of medical advancements that are in current practice in Germany now for many years and with thousands of patients coming from overseas.

Why come to Germany for spine surgery?
Germany is the leader in medical advancement. Our surgeons are highly specialized and have thousands of ADR (artificial disc replacement) surgeries behind them. Patients that have regained full mobility and successfully regained life in motion.

DO NOT settle for a Spinal Fusion
Spinal fusions as well as discectomies result in continued pain and suffering, many times because the surgeon didn't take time to add back proper height to your spine before fusion. And most often because taking away motion at one level of the spine puts compounded stress on the levels above and below, which soon develope into more pain and suffering.

They like to call this "Failed Spine Surgery Syndrome".
It is NOT a syndrome, it is a FAILED SPINE SURGERY! (a.k.a. FUSION)

We offer solutions of the highest precision based on case-by-case analysis. You owe it to yourself to check the possibilities. After all this is your body and your life.


Spinal Stenosis - Herniated Discs - Constant Nerve Pain?

100% FREE 2nd Opinion Evaluation of your spine condition and options specific to your cases success. If you suffer with severe pain, tingling, numbness, and have been diagnosed with
degenerative disc disease or disc herniations and seek options to avoid fusion and ongoing suffering, we can help!.

Spine help now, stop back pain